Saturday, December 16, 2017

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    The girl whose play ticket you signed

    My Master once said: ” I am a student of life, love and Soul.”
    And a brilliant apprentice she was! Her poems speak of layers to life many die not knowing of. Let alone, experiencing. Kudos my mentor. I’m proud of you.

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    It is not an exaggeration when I say, read the book with patience, love and appreciation. Those lines are not verses, but veins out of the poet’s heart.. And soul.

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    a great read…Dr Fatimah Al-Otaibi sums it up well with her choice words..We need more from people who capture the spirit of our society.

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    Raweyah Mohamad

    Beautiful review & a beautiful book.
    The poems are enriched with emotions and enchanting images that awaken the senses. They indeed are powerful enough to rock your soul back and forth with passion.
    Once you read the poems, “a moment called love” enshrines you. They are magical, beautifying your voice, eyes and soul.
    Strikingly sad yet wise, at least for me, the Nostalgia poem, as it decides that “it’s the aftermath that lasts so long.”
    Thank you my sweet loving loved poet, Humera Sultana
    Waiting for more 🙂

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