Saturday, December 16, 2017

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    Its sad…Indians get upset when they are called wogs and coolies..they have suffered before at the hands of their colonial masters.they should not indulge in racism and add it to casteism…

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    I am an Indian and I apologize for the pain you have suffered when you were in India.. Friend, not all states of India is so.. I too have some African friends in coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, who came for college studies.. I also apologize that you were charged much for the room compared to other Indians, but the real fact is I am staying in another state in India and since I do not know the language, I am being charged much but once we start mingling with them by learning their language and so on, the way they treat differs.. I once again apologize and I will appreciate you Africans for maintaining a good physique.. Tc..

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